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Most homeowners undervalue their gutters.  They are made to carry all the rainwater from your roof to the ground while preventing water and ice damage to your home.  Platinum Home Improvement will be happy to inspect your gutters and when appropriate offer solutions for your gutter needs.

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Did you know gutters now come with no seams and are custom made to the lengths needed for your home?  This is important because it does not give a surface for debris to catch on. On older gutters the seams are the part that fail. Leaves and twigs can get stuck in the seams and cause clogs. In some cases, tree seeds will spout in these areas and damage your home further.  

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We recommend you contact Platinum Home Improvement to find out about new seamless gutters and gutter guards to ensure proper water removal away from your home and its foundation.  Proper water control can prevent basement flooding and dampness.  Platinum Home Improvement is happy to offer free estimates and suggestions for your gutter needs.  We always recommend that you have your gutters inspected with any siding or roofing work to ensure your new roof and siding are protected.